The rapid developments taking place in many walks of life have made lifelong learning not only essential but also the key to success. But training can also serve as a refreshing break in the everyday routine, as a stimulus that motivates. To be creative and to concentrate on a given topic, people need suitable surroundings. And indeed, the best results are achieved in favourable conditions.

Pyhäsalmi, being central yet set amid peaceful surroundings in the heart of the country, is the ideal venue for courses and training sessions. This, combined with state-of-the-art conference technology and purpose-built premises, is a guarantee of success.

The hotel has conference rooms for 60 and 40 that can easily be divided up. It also has facilities for video-conferencing, document camera and sound reproduction, for connecting your computer to the audio-visual system, access to the Internet and other networks, an LCD projector to a screen or the speaker´s monitor. And naturally we also have a conventional overhead projector, flip chart and slide projector.